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Heat Exchangers

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Industrial Exchangers
A complete line of industrial, pre-engineered heat exchangers, including shell & tube, air cooled, plate and frame, and brazed plate products.

Compressor Aftercoolers
Air and Water cooled compressor after coolers, as well as float drains and moisture separators.

Stainless Heat Exchangers
Heat exchangers constructed of stainless steel for corrosion resistant applications. Other material and alloys are also available.

Hydraulic Oil Coolers
Standard and pre-engineered hydraulic oil coolers for industrial, mobile and other applications.

Mueller Heat Exchangers

Plate and Frame heat exchangers for industrial, food, dairy, HVAC, process, and refrigeration applications.
*This product is only offerd in TX and CA

Shell & Tube Exchangers
Shell and Tube heat exchanger applications, manufacturers and ordering information.

Sanitary Exchangers
Heat Exchangers for use in sanitary applications, including food & beverage, RO Water, sterile water, DI Water, Dairy, CIP or Clean in Place, Demineralized Water, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech and other related applications.

Compressed Air Cooling
Compressed air cooling heat exchangers, including air and water cooled aftercoolers.

Injection Molding Coolers
Heat Exchangers for Plastic Injection Molding equipment.

IPAC Heat Exchangers

IPAC Heat Exchangers
IPAC Shell and Tube and Air Cooled Compressor Aftercoolers.

Shell and Tube, Air Cooled, Brazed Plate, Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers.

SWEP Heat Exchangers
New and replacment SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers.

Marine Heat Exchangers
Marine Heat Exchangers designed for the highly corrosive sea water environment.

Wort Coolers
Wort coolers, glycol chillers, for brewery applications.

Advantage Chillers
1/4 to 210 Ton Chillers designed for indoor and outdoor installation.

Quincy Aftercoolers
Replacement shell and tube aftercoolers and oil coolers for Quincy Compressors.

AKG Coolers
Aluminum Oil Coolers and Aftercoolers for mobile and industrial markets.

Replacement Young Units
Replacement parts for Young branded radiator and fixed tube bundles.

ITT Heat Exchangers
Complete replacements for ITT shell and tube heat exchangers.

Process Electric Heaters
Electric heating elements to generate heat for immersion applications.

Industrial Electric Heaters
Electric heaters for generating heat for your process application.

Circulation Heaters
All in one units for heating circulating fluids.

Flange Heaters
Flanged Heating Elements for high kilowatt output applications.

Air Cooled Aftercoolers
Aircooled aftercoolers for compressors, cooling air and oil.

Water Cooled Aftercoolers
Water cooled aftercoolers for compressors, cooling air and oil.

Burgess Silencers
Silencers, Separators and Filters.
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